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Ground Floor Office:

Office nr 1: 12.69 m²

First Floor Office:

Office nr 6: 27.92 m²

Office nr 9: 15.02 m²

Office nr 10: 19.79 m²

Office nr 11: 45.82 m²

Check the Office Space Key Features

Cantina Space

Opportunity for Food Entrepreneurs!

Are you a food entrepreneur looking for the right spot to grow your business? We have a fantastic space available for rent. 

Check the Cantina Key Features

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Our mission

At Laco Business Hub, our mission is to create and oversee a thriving and innovative business ecosystem on the outskirts of Lagos in the West Algarve. By uniting a diverse group of entrepreneurs, we are dedicated to turning this emerging industrial area into a bustling location. Our hub is designed to attract a broad spectrum of individuals and companies—from participants and visitors to buyers, consumers, local inhabitants, and tourists—each drawn to the magnetic appeal of productivity,  innovation, sustainability and creativity.

Multi rental spaces

In total we offer 3892 m2  covered area and 7344 m2 exterior area to be rented out.  We aim to kick off Laco business hub in the coming two Months and host candidates from various industries:

- light industry

- workshops

- maker spaces

- office spaces

- co-work and meeting rooms 

- design studios

- logistics and storage

- workshop and classrooms 

- event location

- cafe and lounge area

Are you interested to secure a space at Laco Please let us know, we will get back to you asap with more info.


Please stay tuned.

Scanning Box for Shipment

Light industry & logistics

We provide a range of spaces tailored for logistics and light industrial activities, complete with essential utilities. Located in close proximity to Lagos and adjacent to the main N125 national road, as well as near the entrance to the A22 highway, Laco stands out as a strategic and convenient choice for your business. With excellent accessibility and ample parking, it offers an ideal setting for companies seeking efficiency and convenience.

Sharing Knowledge & inspiration

Laco is the perfect platform for your organization to exchange knowledge and spark inspiration. This hub will be alive with activity, hosting proactive entrepreneurs from diverse industries such as creative arts, cradle-to-cradle, IT, and others, all aligned with sustainable principles. At Laco, we foresee a rich array of offerings, including lectures, summer camps for young students, workshops, classrooms, and an extensive range of other engaging activities.

Live, Care & Leisure

Laco truly comes to life with the diverse offerings of entrepreneurs dedicated to improving lifestyles and fostering holistic wellness. From Yoga studios and hairdressing salons to the vibrant flavors of fruity juices and locally crafted beers, your unique contributions are what make Laco special. We are eager to learn more about your ventures and how they enrich our community.

Culture & events spaces

Laco, characterized by its raw industrial aesthetics layout, is a versatile venue that can accommodates a wide range of events. From local showcases to national and international performances, as well as corporate gatherings, Laco is perfectly equipped to host groups of all sizes, whether small, medium, or large.




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