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Thinking in - or ouside the box? Actually at Laco business hub we believe boxes don't exists! So please feel free to connect, to share your questions, small or ground breaking ideas, internship pitch, joint venture strategies, urgent and curious R&D proposals... We love to hear from you!


Fuel your startup's success at LACO Business Hub – where entrepreneurial spirits thrive on sustainability, creativity and innovation.

Innovation, sustainability, and creativity form the core ethos of LACO. Our business hub is not just a space; it's a strategic vision brought to life to unite participants, startups, visitors, and the local community under the banner of a sustainable future. As we chart our path forward, we have meticulously outlined our ambitions into a strategic plan that spans the short, medium, and long term, ensuring that our journey towards becoming a truly sustainable, circular, and regenerative hub is clear and actionable.

In Our First Year:
Our immediate focus is on embedding sustainability into the very fabric of LACO. This means prioritizing energy efficiency, reducing waste, and sourcing ethically. Our inaugural year is dedicated to creating a strong foundation: establishing green protocols, launching community engagement initiatives, and setting benchmarks for our environmental impact. Expect to see the introduction of renewable energy sources, comprehensive recycling programs, and the beginning of a vibrant, eco-conscious community.


Five-Year Vision:
By our fifth year, we aim to have LACO recognized as a model for circular economy practices. This includes expanding our recycling efforts to more complex waste streams, enhancing our energy self-sufficiency, and fostering partnerships with like-minded businesses and innovators. Our educational outreach will also be more robust, offering workshops, seminars, and collaborations with academic institutions to spread the message of sustainability and regenerative practices far beyond our immediate surroundings.


A Decade Into the Future:
Looking ten years ahead, our vision is for LACO to not only be self-sustaining but to actively regenerate the local environment and community. Advanced sustainable technologies, from green roofs and walls to zero-emissions transport solutions, will be commonplace. Our business ecosystem will operate in a fully circular manner, where every output is repurposed and waste is a concept of the past. Beyond the physical, we aim to inspire a shift in mindset, proving that economic success can go hand-in-hand with environmental stewardship.

As you join us on this journey, you'll soon have the chance to meet our dedicated team on-site, witnessing the tangible steps we're taking toward this ambitious future. Your participation is not just welcome; it's essential. Together, we can forge real-world solutions, leveraging our collective expertise, passion, and creativity to make a lasting difference. Explore the potential with us at LACO, where every action is a step towards a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Our team

Jimmy Bakker

Managing Director

Jorge Lira

Financial Director

Karin Sligting

PR & Programming

Dave Hemmingway

Brandng & Marketing

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